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Revenge Of the Blowfish LP

Image of Revenge Of the Blowfish LP

£4.99 - On Sale

‘Squid Ninjaz have their debut album 'Revenge Of The Blowfish' ready to roll, featuring the full rowdyness of Joe Blow, Pergyl aka Metabeats, Cesto, Cervantis aka Lousain Hekla, Skamma, Ral Duke, Joe Dirt aka Dogruffbeats and JDS. Plus Mudmowth, 4Dee, Ruffstylz, Mr Bang On, King Grub, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Junior Disprol & Chud Jackson (and that's just the first track '8 Bars'). There's also Ralph Rip Shit, Midaz and Beratta 9, sheez. Bringing it back to that rugged and raw shit.